Hartman Gardens is a small, family-owned garden and orchard near Montrose, Colorado. Fresh preserves are made in our canning kitchen the old-fashioned way—one small batch at a time. We use reduced-sugar recipes to maintain the natural fruit flavors and we don’t add artificial colorings or preservatives.

Take a step back in time to when jams and jellies were made with love and pride, each jar filled to the rim with the finest ingredients the home kitchen and garden could provide. Apples are selected by hand from the trees in the backyard and blended with spices to tantalize the taste buds. Cherries and plums are plucked at just the right time for that perfect, sun-ripened sweetness. Berries are picked from the neighbor’s bushes and make perfect jam.


At Hartman Gardens, we still respect these time-honored traditions.

We invite you to try a taste of our sumptuous selections. We take pride in tending our own trees and selecting only the best fruit for your jams, jellies and syrups, just like we do for our own families.

16379 6300 Rd.
Montrose, CO 81403
Phone: 970-249-3120 • Fax: same as phone, call first
www.hartmangardens.com • janet@hartmangardens.com

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